About Legacy

Our mission

Legacy is committed to helping individuals and teams cultivate balanced and effective approach to their work through awareness, communication and action. To facilitate this process, we design innovative training and development programs that strengthen the skills and commitment of teams and leaders, and help them become more closely aligned with organizational goals.

Our Methodology


We gather information about our client’s organization using assessment meetings, telephone based interviews, and online surveys. Using this input, we help our clients identify achievable and measurable training and development outcomes.


We design innovative training programs using experience-based group projects, facilitated review sessions and proven organization development models. Clients can choose from our modules for team building, leadership skills development and/or custom designed programs.


Legacy facilitators are experts in organization development, experiential education, and behavioral psychology. All Legacy facilitators create an environment that allows participants to reflect, take risks, receive feedback and develop skills. Legacy programs are conducted at conference centers and our clients’ places of business around the world.


At the end of each program we provide a comprehensive summary report that includes a review, insights, and recommendations from participants and Legacy facilitators. Three months after the program, Legacy offers an assessment to measure changes in attitudes and behaviors.

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