1:1 Coaching

Short-term, confidential, 1:1 coaching can move leaders ahead more quickly and effectively than most other training and/or education.

Leadership Coaching helps leaders identify and address obstacles to their future success, and helps them to become more resourceful in their work.

At an organizational level, individualized Leadership Coaching has shown to provide an extraordinary Return on Investment (ROI) — in the range of 300-600%.

Our coaching is particularly helpful for people in transition. We provide outplacement support and help people plan their way forward.

The format below works well for the Leadership Coaching process:

  1. Tom Wootten will meet the prospective coaching client online or by phone for an initial coaching session
  2. If they agree to move forward after the initial session, then we ask for a three-month commitment (typically six to eight 45-60 minute sessions over that period), subject to renewal at the request of the client.

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