Effective Information Exchange: Employing LEAN Principles to Internal Communication

7 July 2015
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Strong communication skills are vital for business success at every level. This course helps attendees communicate more efficiently with colleagues, and teaches techniques for responding to conflict, handling difficult situations, and building professional relationships.

Attendees learn to create collaborative communication practices by recognizing their patterns, and understanding how these align with others on their teams, and by adapting tendencies to work more efficiently and effectively with others.

Who Should Attend:

Field staff, manufacturing workers, middle and upper management

What Is Covered:

This 2-­‐day course covers the following topics:

• Improving awareness and miscommunication to mitigate office conflicts

• Developing systems to support more effective communication

• Increasing productivity and job satisfaction

• Enhancing core competencies of employees

• Instilling team values and concepts

What You Will Learn:

• Solid protocols with supervisors, colleagues and direct reports

• A clear understanding of one’s own communication patterns

• Techniques for handling difficult employees and situations

• How to structure and deliver useful feedback

• Methods for adjusting to internal communication systems